Worried About a Potential Gas Leak?

Get gas leak testing & gas leak repair services in Odessa, TX

Gas leaks are serious issues that create all kinds of safety hazards, so you'll want to deal with a potential leak quickly. Doo-Right Plumbing in Odessa, TX has a dependable crew that will check every part of your home during gas leak testing. We'll examine your pipes, heater and other areas to identify the leak and let you know what to expect from repairs.

To schedule gas leak repairs and testing, email us today.

3 signs you may have a gas leak

Unsure whether you need gas leak repairs? There are a few signs you can look out for in your home. You may want to call us if you notice:

  1. Hissing sounds
  2. The smell of rotten eggs
  3. Symptoms like headache, dizziness or fatigue
There are many potential signs of a gas leak in addition to the ones listed above, so your best option is to call us the moment you suspect anything. Call 432-556-6292 now for gas leak testing.